Devising an Office Cleaning Schedule: In-Depth Guide

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It is a proven fact that a clean office contributes to more than mere aesthetics. High cleanliness levels enhance workplace health and safety, employee motivation and productivity, clients’ trust in your business, and your overall image as a professional. However, reaping the aforementioned benefits is only possible if the cleaning process is efficient, effective, and non-disruptive to your daily operations. 

Fortunately, this is more than achievable through the utilization of a comprehensive cleaning schedule, the likes of which specialists for office cleaning in Columbus use in their operations. With this tool, you can consistently keep your working environment on the up and up, ensuring that the spring of benefits never dries up and, today, we’ll give you everything you need to devise your own!

How do I make an office cleaning schedule?

The creation of a comprehensive office cleaning schedule is a systematic process. It involves careful consideration of numerous factors that, when put together, noticeably expedite cleaning efforts without compromising quality in the slightest. Here’s how the process works:

Assess the cleanliness requirements

How do I make an office cleaning schedule

Determining the level of cleanliness you wish to achieve will dictate how exhaustive cleaning efforts must be. However, don’t set the bar so high that it becomes unreachable.

Hygiene levels should reflect the specific needs of your operation. So, unless you’re running a healthcare facility, you don’t have to aim for medical-level cleanliness.

Evaluate the space

The size and layout of your office will help you determine the necessary frequency of cleaning and, by inference, the required size of the cleaning crew. Also, be sure to take extra time and identify critical, highly demanding, or special attention areas, such as spaces with large amounts of foot traffic or sensitive equipment.

Set priorities

This is a two-pronged task, as it requires you to identify high-priority and low-priority cleaning tasks/areas and then find the balance between the two, so neither gets neglected. You can do this by calculating the approximate time and by considering the intensity of work necessary to complete each task. After that, it is all about putting the pieces together to ensure optimal performance.

Determine the frequency of specific cleaning tasks

Some tasks will need to be performed daily, while others can be undertaken on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The perfect examples are:

  • Restroom sanitation: Should be done daily, especially if there are a lot of employees in the office;
  • Deep cleaning: Recommended to be performed on a monthly basis, unless the nature of the business requires higher frequency.

Determining the frequency of each specific task helps optimize the time and labor required to reach established cleaning goals, resulting in significant cost savings.

Allocate time slots

It is recommended that you allocate time slots based on the duration, intensity, and frequency of specific cleaning tasks. However, this is also the point where you’ll have the opportunity to minimize the disruption to your operation caused by cleaning activities.

Before allocating time slots, consider factors such as office hours, employee schedules, and periods of peak activity. Then, try to work a cleaning schedule around them, rather than atop them, as this can help prevent productivity drops.

However, if that is not possible, try to fine-tune the cleaning schedule so it doesn’t collide with your operational timetable. As an example, short-duration low-intensity cleaning tasks can be performed during peak hours with minimal negative impact, but high-intensity activities are better left for periods of downtime.

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