About Us

Professional cleaning with a personal touch.

Your committed & experienced cleaners are here for you

Our journey began with the vision of our founder, Kyle Walker, who started Real World Cleaning Services in Logan, Ohio at the young age of 15. Since the founding of the company in 2010, Kyle, alongside the dedicated Real World team, has been relentlessly working to elevate and expand our services. Now, our reach extends throughout Ohio, with operational bases in Logan, Lancaster, Dublin, and Worthington. Whether it’s a medical facility or a bustling office, we’re ready to deliver a commercial experience that puts your satisfaction at the forefront.

Thanks to your feedback, we continually enhance our services to better serve businesses across the area. We send a Quality Feedback Survey after each service to gain insight into our strengths and areas for growth. We genuinely value every response and act upon the feedback promptly. We incorporate five core aspects into every appointment:

  • Service excellence: We treat every corner of your space with dedicated care to ensure it gets the quality treatment it deserves.
  • Integrity: Trust is foundational to our work. Whether it’s quoting rates or suggesting necessary services, count on us to be fair and transparent.
  • Respect and reliability: When we commit, we deliver. You can expect us to respect your requirements and reliably provide you with high-quality service.
  • Efficiency: Our team is trained to work smartly and swiftly, ensuring optimal results in a time-efficient manner.
  • Health and safety: We use safe products and maintain rigorous standards to ensure both cleanliness and your safety. 

Meet the dedicated team behind the clean

Mr. Kyle Walker

Starting his venture at the young age of 15, Kyle established his company and swiftly transformed it into a leading cleaning service across Southeastern and Central Ohio. He pursued a Business degree from Ohio University and remains committed to continuous learning, through ISSA and other reliable sources available across the industry.

Mrs. Bridget Walker

Bridget has played an instrumental role at Real World Commercial Cleaning Services since 2010. Her hands-on approach has helped create a highly structured environment where every process is streamlined. From expertly coordinating tight schedules to efficiently liaising with clients on quotations, she's the linchpin of our operations.

Mrs. Diane Tigner
Sales & Customer Service

Diane, often the first point of contact, is renowned for her warmth and professionalism. With a flair for understanding client needs and years of experience, she’s become the touchpoint for clients. She’s available to answer any queries or provide updates, truly embodying our company’s client-centric philosophy.

Ms. Talia Damron

Talia’s journey from a cleaning technician to operational head of the Worthington office is a testament to her dedication. Her adaptability and leadership skills have been honed through various roles, from team leader to training manager. Today, she oversees a dynamic team, ensuring operations run efficiently and upholding our high standards.

Your satisfaction comes first

Every space we clean reflects our passion and commitment. Our dedication is evident in the results of the work we’ve done over the years.

Should any aspect fall short of your expectations, you can reach out to us within a day. We value your feedback and will promptly address any concerns you have. We aim for consistent quality and open communication, striving to make things right for every client. At the heart of our business is one simple belief: your satisfaction matters, and we’re here to ensure it.